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Auckland International Airport Information

Auckland Airport is New Zealand's largest airport. It offers domestic and international flights to an estimate 13 million passengers each year. It is located about 14 miles south of Auckland's city center in Mangere.

The airport is the main hub for Air New Zealand Airlines and Virgin Australia Airlines. It is also home to more than over 30 airlines that offer over 800,000 flights each year.

Auckland Airport can trace its history back to 1928 when the Auckland Aero Club leased 20 acres of land for practicing air maneuvers. The area became a functioning airport during the 1960s when the New Zealand government completed construction of the domestic terminal.

The airport would see many improvements during the 1970s. Some of the most important improvements included the construction of an international terminal and the installation of an electronic message board.

Auckland Airport is now a modern airport that offers passengers modern amenities including a currency exchange service, ATMs, Wi-Fi Internet service, and modern lounges. Most passengers enjoy using these amenities because they are located close to most of the airports passenger loading zones.

Auckland Airport features two runways. The first runway was constructed in 1960. It is a concrete runway that runs perpendicular to Manukau Harbor. It measures approximately 3,635 m. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 45 flights per hour. It is usually used as a take off point for most domestic flights.

The second runway was constructed in 1977. It measures approximately 3,110 m. It is located about one mile north of the original runway. It is an asphalt runway that is used primarily to accommodate smaller airplanes and international flights. It is also used as a safety zone during emergency landings.

Auckland Airport features nine parking lots that are mostly spread out in a horseshoe shape around the international terminal. Five of the parking lots offer short-term parking options. Three parking lots offer weekly and monthly parking options. These parking lots are usually open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

The last parking area offers weekly parking options. It is located about two miles north of the airport's main entrance near a gas station and leisure center. It is open each day from 5 a.m.-midnight.

Auckland Airport offers a shuttle service that travels from the parking lots to most of the airport's main buildings every 15 minutes each day. Passengers may board shuttles at stops located in front of each parking lot.

Finally, Auckland Airport is home to a modern car rental center that is open each day from about 5 a.m.-11 p.m. each day. It is located north of the international terminal building near the airport's short-term parking lots. Travelers can simplify their search for the car rental center by searching for a yellow sign located near the top of the building.

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