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The Atlantic City International Airport is located just out of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and has been around since the early 1940s. The airport's early history began in 1942, when Naval Air Station Atlantic City was built. Eventually, it was decommissioned in 1958, when it was then moved to be part of the Airways Modernization Board. Later in 1958, the Federal Aviation Administration gained control of the establishment. The different airlines serving the airport have changed, especially in recent years. For example, Delta airlines just discontinued service a couple years ago at the Atlantic City International Airport. Additionally, the only international flight from the airport, which was provided by WestJet to Toronto, ended flights from the Atlantic City International Airport in May 2010.

The airport itself is on the smaller side, compared to airports in larger areas. It is around 5,000 acres and all of its flights come out of just one terminal. The airport is made up of two levels. Customers enter on the first level of the airport, and check into their flights at this point. Other services on the first floor of the Atlantic City International Airport include the security checkpoint, where passengers are screened before boarding their flight. After going through security, passengers go up to the second floor of the airport to wait to board their flight. The baggage claim is also located on the first floor of the Atlantic City International Airport, so those arriving at the airport can receive their checked luggage from their flight at one of the two carousels that are located in the baggage claim area.

Due to the smaller size of the airport, there are more limited options as far as food, drink, and shopping go. In the lower level of the airport, the options include a small sit down restaurant and a gift shop, with basic snack food options. There are also car rental options for those needing a way to get around after arriving in the city. For passengers flying out of the Atlantic City International Airport, there is a coffee shop/cafe restaurant, a bar, and a book and newspaper store as options for eating and shopping. There are seven different gates that are used by the airlines flying in and out of the airport. Additionally, the Atlantic City International Airport provides its users with free wireless Internet to use while waiting for their flight to arrive.
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