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Athens International Airport which opened in 2001 serves over 16 million travelers annually and was awarded the European Airport of the Year in 2004. Many people use the airport as a popular destination stop and also as a route to the Middle East and Asia.

Athens International Airport is modern in it's size and structure. Two terminals are in use at the airport and are named The Main terminal and the Satellite terminal. Going from one terminal to the other is relatively easy by using the foot tunnel that is available. The underground tunnel is equipped with moving sidewalks for the traveler's convenience.

If you are in Athens while on vacation there are many different ways to get back to the airport from popular tourist attractions. For instance, if you are visiting the Parthenon, the options for transportation is riding the rail, using a bus or going by taxi. It is also possible to rent a car in Athens and have it for your personal use.


The Metro can easily found since it is located right next to the terminal and can be reached by taking a elevated walkway. The cost of riding the Metro is very consistent and is found by most travelers to be very convenient to use.


For travelers who choose to take advantage of Athens buses, there are four bus lines that can be used depending on where in the city you are coming from or going to. All four of the lines will connect to the intercity bus stations.


In the event that you prefer to use taxis, Athens International Airport has a designated space outside exit three on the arrivals level that can be used.

Personal vehicle

There are six car rental agencies that are located within the airport. They can be found on the arrivals level in the Main terminal.

If you are unsure of the location of a particular transportation need, it is possible to use the airport's phone for service. There are also many accessible leaflets that have maps of the building for travelers that are not familiar with the airport.

Athens International Airport also has air taxis and helicopters for those people who are need of this kind of transportation.

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