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Athens is located in the territory of Attica in Greece, and is surrounded by mountains with a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Athens receives just enough rain in the winter months so it is not classified as arid. With mild winters and hot summers, Athens has become a virtual sightseeing paradise and is popular with tourists, especially in the summer months.

The mountains surrounding Athens to the east and north include Parnitha, both the tallest mountain and a National park and Mount Penteli which is the second tallest mountain. To the west of Athens is Mount Aegaleo. Athens has been known to be inhabited for at least 7,000 years, with about 3,400 years recorded in history.

One of the most unusual places in Europe, Athens features architectural and natural marvels that are fascinating to tourists. With mountains, interesting architectural structures and a major seaport, Athens is a land of contrasts. Today, Athens is a commercial, political, cultural, financial and social capital of Greece.

The city of Athens features neighborhoods that are both old and new, and a variety of commerce centers. Thousands of visitors come to Athens every year to experience the unique Mediterranean lifestyle. It is a city that has seen its share of prosperous times and times when it might have been worn down if it weren't for the persistence of its people.

Visitors to Athens enjoy the beautiful year round climate and the wealth of historic buildings and monuments that stand as a testament to early architectural prowess. Visitors enjoy many interesting areas of the city and its fascinating population. Athens has been referred to as the place where today's modern Democracy was born and the place where Western civilization as we know it began.

Athens is the fourth most populated capital city in the EU and is also the capital that is situated the farthest south on mainland Europe. Athens famously hosted the first Olympic Games back in 1896, and then hosted the games again in the summer of 2004. Athens today stands as an example of a modern-day center for arts, philosophy and of learning.

Many early conquerors tried to take over Athens, failing in most instances. The resilience of the people of Athens is admired the world over and its ideology of Democracy has affected the entire world in a profound way. Athens has attracted thousands of visitors from every corner of the world.

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