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The Amsterdam International Airport is a primary airport hub in the Netherlands and is situated about five miles south of Amsterdam in Haarlemmermeer. The Dutch know Amsterdam International as Luchthaven Schiphol and to many Americans--it is also known as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Being the third largest airport in Europe and the 14th largest in cargo flights globally, Amsterdam International Airport sees in excess of 40 million passengers a year. And while Schiphol regularly services dozens of carriers, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is its main carrier.

Transit In and Out of Amsterdam International

The infrastructure in and around Amsterdam International is, overall, one of the best and most easily navigated in Europe. By car, travelers usually take highways A4 and A9. Tourists and foreign business people, though, travel extensively through the rail or bus system. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways: look for the large yellow kiosks in the terminals) is the Netherlands’s largest public railway system—connecting Schiphol to common destinations such as The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. There are also several bus lines, as well as shared-taxi options, to choose from.

General Layout

The terminal at Schiphol consists of three Departure Halls—connected by either concourses or piers. Passengers can generally move freely about the Halls, except for the ones already past security checkpoints in the budget-friendly Pier M. Additionally, there are four main lounges—two ‘Menzies’ lounges and two Servisair lounges--that offer Wi-Fi, slots, large resting areas, and vending machines. Believe it or not, but there’s actually even a wedding chapel inside Amsterdam International Airport where real people tie the knot hundreds of times a year.

Additional Features and Amenities at Amsterdam International

Schiphol is practically its own city in terms of overall development, creature comforts, and things-to-do. Exciting venues include the Schiphol Plaza, which consists of shopping outlets and eateries (including, yes, a McDonald’s) and is located in the common area before customs; the first-of-its-kind airport library that’s adjacent to the Riijksmuseum annexed exhibition; and the world-famous Panorama Terrace that offers aviation enthusiasts and sightseers a breathtaking panoramic view of all flights entering and departing Schiphol.

There’s certainly no lack of accommodations outside the airport, either. Five minutes away is the popular citizen M hotel, the Sheraton Amsterdam, and the Radisson Blu Hotel, Schiphol. Wanting to actually stay in the heart of Amsterdam? The Seven Bridges Hotel, Fusion Suites, and Hotel Aalders are just a few of the highest ranked hotels in the city.

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