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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ranks high in terms of passenger traffic each year. Nearly 50 million passengers utilize the airport each year with percentage passenger increases amounting to about 10 percent. As of 2011, only three other European airports saw more traffic while the airport ranked 14th in the world. The airport is the principle air service facility for the Netherlands but also serves much of northwestern Europe. The bulk of the passengers are traveling to and from other European countries with North America and Asia secondary destinations.

Aircraft utilize one of six runways when arriving or departing Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Runway 18R/36L is the longest at 3,800 meters or roughly 2.5 miles long. This runway is also 200 feet or 60 meters wide to accommodate the largest aircraft. This runway has been given the nickname "Polderbaan" and is known for its long taxi distance from the terminal which can add as much as 20 minutes to the duration of the flight as measured from gate to gate. General aviation aircraft commonly use one of the shorter runways and are not impacted by the busier commercial aircraft aspects of the airport.

Passenger traffic passes through one main terminal at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol . This large facility branches into three main halls, which further branch out into multiple concourses providing more than 150 boarding gates. The gates are divided into areas for international passengers that must clear customs and regional passengers.

Airfreight is also an important aspect of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol operations. Every year about 1.5 million tons move through the facility with the bulk coming Asia. The larger runways of the airport accommodate the large aircraft commonly used in the airfreight industry.

The air traffic controllers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have a great view from above. The tower, built in the early 1990s, stands more than 330 feet or 100 meters high. The airport uses state-of-the-art air traffic control systems to handle the estimated 1,500 aircraft arrivals or departures that occur each day.

There are a few facilities and services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that are unique. The airport features its own mortuary capable of handling up to 40 bodies at a time. This removes caskets containing human remains from the airfreight stream and handles them with greater respect. You can also get married at the airport wedding chapel or shop the many stores within the airport shopping center.

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