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The Amman Queen Alia International Airport is found outside Jordan’s capital city of Amman. This airport has two terminals and is quite easily accessible from several places in Jordan.

It is found south of the city, however, about 10 miles away, close to the city of Al Jizah. Passengers who are planning on traveling to the airport can do so by taking Highway 15 and heading south. Just before they arrive at Al Jizah they should take the exit that leads to the airport. This route is best if you are coming from the center of the city of Amman. Should you need to travel to the airport from the west side of the city, you will have to travel toward the southwest on Route 30. From there you should turn onto Highway 15 and get off at the airport’s exit. If you are traveling from the Dead Sea, you will need to travel north on 65. From there you will need to head east by taking Route 40, and then heading south on Highway 15. There are six different car lots at the airport. These parking lots together can accommodate over 1,000 vehicles.

There are a couple of transportation options for passengers traveling to this airport. One of the ways to get to the airport is via airport taxi. These run all day every day. Passengers who need a ride to the airport using a taxi can call for one at 962 6 (4451302).

Another option that exists is to take the airport express bus. If you are anywhere near the midtown section of Amman you can hop on a bus to take you to the airport. Travelers should be aware that the buses operate from 7:00am to 10:00pm on a thirty-minute basis. If they have to catch the bus between 10:00pm and 7:00am, however, these run every hour.

It is also possible to rent a car to travel to the airport. Passengers should call the car rental company to arrange to rent a car, which can be returned to the Rent-a-Car offices that are located at the airport.

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