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Albany International Airport is located in the city of Albany, New York. The airport is located easily off the exit of Interstate 87. Road signs make it convenient to find. If you are travelling from anywhere in the upstate region of New York State, the Albany Airport is the best option for flights. The airport is large enough to handle all incoming and outgoing domestic and international flights, but, is small enough to be able to find your way around inside.

The airport has only one terminal building and has ample parking located directly across from the terminal. Once you are inside the terminal, the check in counters are located on the lower floor. All of the major carriers are located within this same area. Once checked in, you will proceed upstairs to the security areas. The gates are located just inside the security check point.

There are many different vendors located throughout the airport, although most are located past the security area. There are also a couple of vendors located before the security check point if you want to grab a bite to eat with your loved ones before you leave.

If you are picking someone up off an incoming flight, you will find the upstairs waiting area is very convenient with television monitors for your convenience. The waiting area is located right next to the security check point for passengers leaving on flights.

Although this is a major international airport, the Albany International Airport in New York, is small enough to be able to get around without any difficulty. The staff working in the airport are very helpful should you require any information. There is an information desk on the ground floor and they have information there on the surrounding area. They will be able to provide you with anything you need for your stay in this town or in adjoining towns.

If you need a taxi service or right from the airport, they are located right outside the terminal and will be able to take you anywhere within the city of Albany. There are many hotels located within a short distance of the airport.

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