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Albany International Airport

Albany International Airport, which serves northeastern New York and western New England, has a rich history beginning with its establishment on a former polo field in 1908. It was the first municipal airport in the United States.

The airport quickly outgrew this site and a few years after moving to a new location was named the Quentin Roosevelt Memorial Field after President Teddy Roosevelt's son Quentin whose plane was shot down in World War I.

Many ground-breaking pilots have landed at Albany, including Amelia Earhart, James Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh and Glenn Curtiss, who won $10,000 in 1910 for being the first pilot to fly between Albany and New York City.

In 1928 - the airport's first year as a passenger airport - planes carried less than 400 passengers between Albany and New York City, and Albany and Montreal. This is a far cry from today's passenger count where facilities handle more than 2.5 million passengers annually.

Presidential politics also loom large in airport history, with Franklin D. Roosevelt taking off from here to accept the Democratic nomination in Chicago. Other candidates who've landed here range from Thomas Dewey to Al Gore.

Albany International today is served by 12 commercial airlines, with about 90 each arrivals and departures daily. The fourth busiest airport in New York State, planes fly non-stop to major cities in the northeastern United States, with connections to destinations throughout the rest of the world.

Operated by the Albany County Airport Authority, the airport recently completed a major construction project that included a 230,000 square foot terminal, parking garage, cargo facility, and air traffic control tower. Airport officials say the new facilities will serve the airport well into the 21st century.

Passengers using the airport in the snowy winter months will appreciate the airport's de-icing program that is recognized internationally as environmentally safe and cost-effective. In 1996, the airport won Balchen-Post Award for Outstanding Achievement in Airport Snow and Ice Control for U.S. medium commercial airports. It also works to control airport noise by buying property surrounding the airport, then finding suitable users for it as part of the airport's economic development plan.

Airport users may want to avoid breaking any laws on the site, as the airport is the headquarters for the State Police Aviation Bureau.

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